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Warrington Scott Pty Ltd (Warrington Scott) is a boutique financial services company initially established in Canberra in 2000, expanding to the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney in 2004 and then Goulburn in 2013. We are dedicated to assisting our clients to create, manage and protect their wealth and, when the need arises, ensure the most effective transfer of their wealth.


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Warrington Scott is headed by two principal financial consultants (financial advisers), Daniel Sharp in the Sydney office and Prue Martin (nee Riley) in the Goulburn office. In addition, Warrington Scott has a dedicated team of professional administrative staff.


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In order to provide clients with appropriate strategies and services we must first understand their financial and personal circumstances, their needs and objectives, and their risk profile. This knowledge underpins all our advice, from investment recommendations that present value and opportunity, to insurance recommendations that adequately protect their personal and financial position. We work with clients to devise the most effective structures to manage their assets, minimise their liabilities, and reduce their risk, now and into the future.

Our aim is to establish an effective and meaningful long-term relationship with our clients.


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We appreciate that each client is unique, with their own particular financial circumstances, needs and goals. Understanding our clients’ needs is paramount to appropriately tailoring strategies and services. We get to know our clients through in-depth discussions and from documentation they provide. We also regularly review these strategies to ensure they continue to be appropriate.


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