Complaints Policy

Warrington Scott is committed to providing its clients with a high standard of service. We welcome feedback about our performance as an opportunity to review and improve our services.


Our complaint handling procedures are designed to ensure your concerns are treated seriously and that your matter is dealt with promptly and fairly.


Complaints Officers


Although you may report any feedback, complaints or enquiries, to any team member, Warrington Scott do have nominated Complaints Officer for each of our offices:


  • For Sydney Office – Prue Riley
  • For Goulburn Office – Daniel Sharp

Lodging a complaint


To make it easy for you to provide us with your concern we have three ways you can contact us:


Resolving your complaint


In many cases a complaint may be resolved at the initial point of contact and within two business days. However, in circumstances where your complaint requires further investigation, we will send you an acknowledgement of receipt of your complaint.


In order to manage complaints, Warrington Scott have some guiding principles:

  • We will treat your complaint confidentially and ensure you are not treated differently as a result of lodging a complaint;
  • Wherever possible, a complaint or dispute will be investigated by a staff member not involved in the subject matter of the complaint or dispute;
  • Personally identifiable information concerning the complaint or dispute will not be disclosed, unless it is needed for the purposes of addressing the complaint or dispute;
  • All complaints, will be acknowledged and include a time frame, unless dealt with immediately;
  • Wherever possible, we will seek to resolve complaints or disputes directly with the complainant, and aim to improve customer satisfaction;
  • Each complaint or dispute will be addressed in an equitable, objective, and unbiased manner through the complaints or disputes handling process; and
  • We have procedures for our team to follow when handling your complaint, which we are happy to present to you upon your request.



Should you not be satisfied with our handling of your complaint you are able to refer your complaint to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) at any time.


Their details are:


Further Details

Further details about our complaints handling procedures are contained in the Financial Services Guide we provide to our clients.